Friday, February 4, 2011

Tools I Want to Buy

I've been wanting to keep a food journal. As much as I'd like to just keep track of points like Weight Watchers I am considering just keeping track of my calories. I found this food and activity journal the Diet Minder which is a spiral bound journal. I love the way that you can track everything from your water, vitamins, to activity and food. Hmmm. It's only $10 from Amazon so I may buy it later on with my Swagbucks.

I also would like to get another fitness game. I rented the Biggest Loser and enjoyed the little bit that I tried. My honey said he'd like to do a Salsa dancing game so I'm thinking Zumba would be fun to do together.

So far I've been working out with my Wii Fit Plus and Walk it Out. I love Walk it Out! It's very upbeat game. The music really gets me moving. I've got my Wii connected to the stereo so when I play this game I crank up the volume. My honey will go on walks with me and we've been building up the island together and have a lot of fun. Don't let the cover fool you with the young kids on the front because this is definitely a game fun for all.


Teri said...

I've got 332 SB. I'll swap you again for something (doesn't always have to be money).

Miss April said... <<< free tracking and online support system. I love it, but always forget to log in and track - go figure. THat is by far my biggest weakness of this weight loss journey, I suck at tracking. If I was better at that, I could see more of what's going on and identify triggers, etc. If you join, let me know and I'll add you!