Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Day of the Month- $

I have about 50 coupons for Dial Body Wash or Lotion without a size limit for $2 off. Lots of other areas have been able to find travel size body washes for $0.97 making this coupon a $1.03 money maker. Unfortunately I've ran around town since the coupon came out and every store is out of stock. I never have luck finding things in the travel department.

So being as this was the last day to use these coupons I was able to use them on the Dial Lotion priced at $1.97. I also had coupons remaining for Nozxema bikini razors $2 off the $1.97 price. While at Walmart I took advantage of price matching El Marketon's ad for oranges 8lbs/$0.99. And El Super's ad for Bar S hot dogs $0.76 matched with a coupon for $1/2. $0.16 is such a good price for hot dogs but my husband only likes Oscar Mayer so I only bought a few. I'm sure that by the end of the week I'll buy some more. I just can seem to pass that price up. And the corn nuts... well they were only $1 each and my honey had to have them. :D

Organizing the Spices

I don't spend much time in the kitchen as it is more my honey's domain. I'm a mess in the kitchen... I tend to overcook, under cook, over salt, or my long hair turns up in the food (YUCK!!). So I stick to baking cookies or banana breads maybe the occasional Jello mold :D I hate going into our kitchen because I can never find what I need or I can't reach it.

So when I came across this blog by Frugal Decor Mom I was so excited to make a change to my chaos. She uses baby food jars which is a really interesting idea but there is no plastic shaker on the top of them. I have this other spice rack that's just been chilling on the microwave.
I rarely use any of the spices there but I hadn't been able to get myself to throw it out and reduce the clutter. I'm thankful I have it because I put the spices I don't use in a little snack size baggie and stacked them in the back a drawer and I refilled them with the spices I do use. I'm happy now to have two places free of clutter but now what to do with the extra space? I need to figure out how to organize all my storage containers that are spread all over the kitchen next.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facebook Giveaways

1st 75,000 to "like" Aussie Products on Facebook and fill in the form under "Aussie Giveaway" will receive a coupon through the mail for a Free Aussie product (up to $3.99).

Herbal Essences has the same giveaway here for a Free product up to $3.99 for the 1st 125,000 to enter.

Milani is giving away 25,000 HD Advanced lip color when you "like" them on Facebook and fill out the form. This is not to the 1st 25,000 submissions but is open all day and randomly winners will be picked. Here's hoping I win!

Pantene has a giveaway as well for the 1st 100,000 to "like" them on Facebook and fill the form under the giveaway. This is for a shampoo/conditioner up to $4.99.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shopping Trip 6/28- $14.77

Today was the last day for the sales and I didn't want to run around to the different stores so I price matched at Walmart. I was in the worst line ever. I really dread going in to Walmart and only seeing 2 or 3 lanes open other than the under 20 items lanes. It took 18 minutes to ring up 4 people ahead of me with no more than 6 items each. I usually go for the lane closest to customer service in case the cashier has questions. Which in my case today, the cashier was positive you couldn't use coupons when price matching. I had my coupon policy with me thinking I'd have problems with overage but I should have had my price matching policy with me as well.

The Noxzema razors were $1.97 and I have coupons for $2.00 off so that was a $0.03 money maker (kind of since I pay $0.13 tax on each one). I price matched the salt for $0.50 and the sugar for $1.99 each. The cookies were price matched with Smiths to $1.00 each with a coupon for $1.00/2 making them $0.50 each. And the Bulls Eye BBQ price matched at $0.79 from Albertsons. Matched with a coupon for $0.50 off they were $0.29. And out of 10 bottles 7 of them were expired. I wish I would have looked at the store before bringing them home. Do you check the expiration dates on products when you shop?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

6/26 Shopping Trip- $29.78/ $108.11

Walgreen's started out as a major pain in the butt. My Twizzler coupons wouldn't go through as well as my Scotch tape coupons. I also had a hard time using the Carefree Walgreens coupon from the July book stacked with a manufactures coupon and had to add a piece of taffy.

Before the sale and coupons all this came up to $69.49 I paid $14.24 with taxes and recieved a $1 RR from the Twizzlers.

Smith's went a lot smoother other than I left my debit card in the car. I got the Nabisco cookies and the hot dogs for $0.50 a package.
I absolutely love BIGS Sunflower Seeds! Bacon Salt flavor is the best. They're normally $1.79 and today were $1.59. Not a huge savings but I'll take it. My total came to $15.54 with $9.54 of that being spent on just the seeds. Oops :D Before sales, store card and coupons my total was $38.62 in savings.

My Plan for Walgreens 6/26

Today is the only day to purchase Renuzit Crystal Elements Air Freshening Crystals 18oz are $3.99 on an unadvertised sale. There is a coupon that expires today from the 6/12 RP insert for $3. I've got at least 30 coupons but I'm not up to buying that many at the price of a dollar. So I'll probably just play coupon fairy and only get 3 or 4 for myself. I've got a huge box of candles and air fresheners that I rarely use now anyways.

Then there are Twizzlers that are on sale this week 2/$3 = $1 RR

I have some $0.75 blinkie coupons so I'll pay $1.50 and final cost will be $0.25 for each package after the $1 RR.

There is also Carefree Pantiliners 36-60 pack $1.99 with a $0.50 coupon from the 3/27RP that expires the end of the month or that came out today in the 6/26SS. Combine that with a Walgreens coupon from the July coupon book for $3/2 I can pick up 2 packages for free.

There is also a $1 printable coupon here for Scotch tape, packaging tape or magic tape. This combined with the store coupon of $2/3 will make these $.50 a roll.

I also have some rain checks for Crackerfuls that I want to see if I can find in stock.

To put together your own list for this week check out Hip2Save for her Walgreens compilation.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stockpile- Body Wash, Toothpaste, TP, Laundry & Hangables

 I've ran out of hooks and it has left my peg board a mess.

My Stockpile- Deodorant, Hand & Dish Soap, Hair Care

Expired Medicine

I'm very saddened to see how much medicine we let go to waste. I couldn't quite find an organization technique that worked for us at our last apartment. My honey is horrible at having to look for things that he'll just open a new box instead of even looking to see if there is one already open.
Some of these items I feel especially bad that I hadn't marked expiration dates clearly on them so I could have shared a few items with family that would have used them.

Oh well... We're at the mid-year point and I've double checked my stock and rotated and orgarnized everything by date so this hopefully won't happen in the future. It's definately time to stock up again for the winter.

My Stockpile- Medicine, Fem. Products, Etc

30 Rolls In Each
My Free Sample Basket

 Feminine Products

My Stockpile- Food Storage

I'm Back

I've taken a very much neglectful time out. I needed it to get my groove back into wanting to coupon but my poor pantry has taken a drastic hit. I've been doing pretty well with my dry storage of bath & beauty, laundry & dish soap, and medicines.

So from this point I will be documenting my journey into restocking my freezer and pantry. I also want to start following a stricter budget. We've been blowing a ton of money going out to eat because we didn't know what to have for dinner. So maybe until I get my spending in order I'll take a photo of everywhere I'm spending money.

Here's hoping for a great re-start!