Sunday, February 27, 2011

(No Workout Today) Easy Oven Catfish

I didn't get up until noon today. I was up with heartburn all night long, so miserable :(  When I got up I went straight to all the housework. Tomorrow I'll start working out for sure. I ate really good today though.  Tonight's E-Meal was an Easy Oven Catfish, Rice Pilaf and Green Beans with Almonds.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whew I Completely Took the Day Off

I found the chocolate that I was craving in the form of hot cocoa with Cool Whip on top. (It was light if that counts) Mmmm better than having marshmallows on top.

I had some rice pudding but the rice absorbed all the milk so I added some more and topped it with coconut. Not bad... definitely cured me of my sweet tooth.

When my honey got home he found me with the curtains drawn, curled up on the couch watching Netflix. I was in need of something salty and sent him to the store for some Doritos. Nacho cheese Doritos with Valentina hot sauce is my favorite. Together we shared a plate with him eating the majority.
While he was at the store though I made some deviled eggs. I shared with my grandmother, the cat and my honey. I only had two halves.

And to finish the night we had a steak that's been sitting in the freezer for a while with some creamed corned. Accompanied with the last diet soda in the house.

I'm probably going to pay for it on the scale tomorrow but it was worth it felt great today. Tomorrow we're back to having our E-Mealz and on the menu is Oven Baked Catfish, Green Beans with Almonds and Rice Pilaf. It's the beginning of my week and I'll be remembering this meal to keep me motivated in working out hard.

**Day 23**

That's the last thing that I feel like doing today. I got up and got dressed to work out but I'm just not up to working out. My whole body hurts and I can't find any chocolate bars :( It's a cold day today and I think I'm just going to lounge out on the couch and maybe make some hot coco and watch the Greek series. Yep it's my day off.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dinner- Oops

It was definitely not the most healthiest of dinners but I didn't go to bed hungry and I didn't blow my calories. I love popcorn with the Parmesan Garlic seasoning. Yummy!

**Day 22** Weigh In

I really was feeling kinda uugh this week and took some time off from my blogging. I got really sloppy about tracking my calories. I still ate really well but I didn't work out everyday as much as I could have. I got up and weighed in for the week at 247.1 lbs. That's a .6 lb weight gain from last week and bringing my total weight loss to 4 lbs in 3 weeks. I'm blamming this on Mother Nature though and not letting it get me down. I did a workout today that kicked my butt.

Wii Fit Plus
Calories Burned- 158
Torso Twist- 92 pts
Deep Breathing- 80 pts
Downward-Facing Dog- 85 pts
Hula Hoop- 308 spins
Lunge- 100 pts
Jackknife- 100 pts
Tree- 44 pts
Table Tilt- 60 pts
Rowing Squats- 20 pts
Super Hula Hoop- 795 spins
Tricept Extension
Adv. Step- 622 pts
Expert Snowball Fighting- 11 hits

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
Punch Count- 506
13 Minutes
123.24 Calories Burned

Thursday, February 24, 2011



<-------- Chicken and Wild Rice Soup with Cantaloupe

Lemon-Basil Pork Chops, Garlic Cauliflower, and Strawberries  --------------->

<------- Bacon Tomato Chicken with Mixed Veggies and Carrots

Shrimp Scampi & Linguini with Tossed Salad ---->

<------ Ranch Chicken Tenders with Southwestern Rice and Yellow Squash

              Mmm.... I love my E-Mealz!
                                                              SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH E-MEALZ MEAL PLANS

**Day 16-21** A week at once

Day 16
Weighed In- 246.5 lbs
  • No Workout
Day 17
Weighed In- 247.8 lbs
Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
Punch Count- 826
19 Minutes
182.23 Calories Burned

Day 18
Weighed In- 248.5 lbs
Wii Fit Plus
Calories Burned- 152
Soccer Heading- 144 pts, 191 pts, 213 pts
Super Hula- 768 spins
Perfect 15- 1:12.36
Birds Eye Bulls Eye- 1134 yds
Basic Run- 66%
Adv. Segway Circuit- 105 pts
Snowball Fight- 44 hits, 23 hits, 34 hits, 33 hits
Ski Slalom- 00:44.35
Penguin Slide- 31 pts, 76 pts

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
Punch Count- 289
58.25 Calories Burned

Walk It Out
292.6 Calories Burned
7750 Steps
2.1 Miles

Day 19
Weighed In- 247.8 lbs

Walk It Out
329.5 Calories Burned
8301 Steps
2.2 Miles

Day 20
Weighed In- 247.1 lbs

Wii Fit Plus
Calories Burned 145
Soccer Heading- 159 hits, 165 hits, 154 hits
Perfect 15- 1:12.05
Basic Run- 89%
Torso Twist- 80 pts
Jackknife- 100 pts
Warrior Pose- 86 pts
Bird's Eye Bulls Eye- 153 pts
Sun Salutation- 93 pts
Deep Breathing- 92 pts
Single Leg Twist- 85 pts
Snowball Fight- 27 hits, 37 hits, 17 hits
Obstacle Course- 238 yds
Perfect 10- 00:41.86

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
Punch Count- 230
5 Minutes
49.49 Calories Burned

Walk It Out
193.5 Calories Burned
5222 Steps
1.4 Miles

Day 21
Weighed In- 247.3 lbs
  • No Workout- But I did rearrange my living room by myself.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Broccoli Chicken Fettuccine

Tonight's E-Meal was good and bad. The Broccoli Chicken Fettuccine was kind of bland. I had to add salt to it and I felt really bad when I realized I haven't salted anything this week. The Strawberry Spinach salad on the other hand was amazing. I'm going to buy some more strawberries tomorrow to have this with my lunches. The combination of balsamic vinaigrette and strawberries was really nice.

Why did it take me this long to eat like this. I really do love it. And I'm only spending $35- $45 a week (plus what I need for breakfast and lunch) on groceries for the 2 of us.

The next couple of  meals are going to be repeats because I have leftover ingredients that I want to use up before going shopping for this weeks menu.

**Day 15** Weigh In

I'm so happy today!! I was really worried about that McDouble yesterday but I still lost .9 for a total of 2.8 lbs this week!!! I'm down to 246.5 lbs. In 2 weeks that is 4.6 lbs. I'm really close to the 5 lb goal every 2 weeks that I had set up on my wii fit.

I haven't done much today except the wii fit. I'm was too excited to get on the computer to start anything else but my sister did a Yoga video on Netflix that I really want to try today. Plus I have my new Gold's Gym game to learn.

I've got 300 swagbucks that I need to earn before I can get my next game. I think I'm going to get the Your Shape  game. Right now it's only $14 on Amazon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cobb Salad Pita

Tonight's E-Meal had a cole slaw version made with Broccoli slaw. Very crunchy! I'm getting used to these light portions.

I have to confess... I had a McDouble tonight too. We went out right before dinner time and I was starving. I ordered it without cheese :)

I got my Gold's Gym Cardio Workout game today and did a little bit of a workout. I only got a 137 punch count to start. I'm not sure how many calories I'm burning though.

**Day 14**

I'm so jazzed! Today I weighed in at 247.4 another 1.1 lbs off from yesterday. Tomorrow is my weigh in for the week and I'm hoping it stays off until then. My new game Gold's Gym Cardio Workout should be arriving today and I'm super excited. I just don't feel like playing the Wii Fit anymore. Two weeks of the same thing is my limit. I still got on to weigh in and then did a couple of games that I like but I didn't really give it my all.
  • Calories Burned- 72 in 16 Minutes
  • Perfect 15- 24 Solved, 1:14.08
  • Bird's Eye Bulls Eye Adv.- 2903 yds
  • Snowball Fight- 34 hits,
  •                Adv.- 36 hits, 35 hits
  • Soccer Heading- 115 hits, 246 hits
Feeling guilty about not wanting to work out I went crazy with the Walk It Out game. I've almost collected all of the songs and all of the horoscope signs. I'm no where near finished though. I've only built up about 17% off the island.
  • 538.4 Calories
  • 14,637 Steps
  • 4.1 Miles
My poor feet ache and my thighs are twitching. I probably will do more as soon as the new game gets here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cheddar Cauliflower Soup

This soup was supper easy and very delicious. Served with a toasted pita and yummy! This weeks E-Mealz came out today and I'm really looking forward to pretty much everything on the menu.

My husband really was craving some meat with this meal and added some diced pork chop to his pita. I was bad and picked at it. I was drawn to the fatty pieces though and feel really guilty about it.

I did my Walk It Out a little before dinner and again afterwards since I felt so guilty.
  • 128.8/131.0 Calories Burned
  • 3465/3547 Steps
  • 1 Mile both times

**Day 13*

I weighed in today .2 up from yesterday putting me at 248.5 lbs. I'm very happy to see the scale and can't wait until Friday to see if it really stays low. I've been doing really good with my dinners and not eating late at night. For 3 days now I've been getting my water in. I'm just struggling on what to eat for my lunches. It still doesn't help that I get up so late that I'm usually just eating brunch with a snack. I keep it simple with oatmeal for breakfast but my honey is such a great cook that occasionally he whips me up an omelet with egg beaters.

Anyway this is what I've done so far with the Wii Fit today:
  • Calories Burned- 146
  • Perfect 10- 00:43.46, 00:48.68
  • Island Cycling- 1.225 miles
  • Rhythm Kung Fu Adv.- 550 pts
  • Driving Range- 90 pts
  • Segway Circuit Adv- 110 pts
  • Bird's Eye Bulls Eye- 105 pts, 138 pts
  • Snowball Fight- 8 hits, 22 hits, 24 hits
  • Obstacle Course- 231 pts
  • Tilt City- 43 pts

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cheeseburger Pie

Tonights E-Meal was made with pancake batter which was a real surprise. It was different at first but so nice and fluffy. I need to start eating earlier though. We didn't even have dinner until 8pm. You're supposed to stop eating 3 hours before bed and I would like to be in bed before 11pm.

I fit in another quick walk with the Walk It Out before dinner.
  • 113 Calories
  • 3096 Steps
  • 0.9 Miles

**Day 12**

Today was supposed to be my day off. Plus I really wasn't in the mood to do the Wii Fit today. I needed to weigh in at least and I'm so happy to see I'm down 2 lbs (248.2 lbs). I guess two days of eating light for dinner has really paid off. Since I was on the Wii Fit I decided to just do some of the ones that I really liked.
  • Calories Burned- 68 in 18 minutes
  • Perfect 10- 00:50.56, 00:38.95
  • Ski Slalom- 00:42.35, 00:50.85, 00:46.36, 00:42.08, 00:36.55
  • Soccer Heading- 168 pts, 104 pts, 292 pts
  • Snowball Fight- 18 hits, 20 hits, 19 hits
  • Hula Hoop- 317
I really wanted to do the Walk It Out today and I got all the routes open and collected all the music I could during the daytime. I'm half way done with the extras but I've got a lot of building of the island left to do.
  • 316.8 Calories Burned
  • 8,549 Steps
  • 2.4 miles

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lemon & Oregano Tilapia

Today is Valentine's Day and even though we were not able to go out to eat it was really nice to have strawberries. They were pretty sour so we had to add a little bit of Splenda.

I wasn't too hungry to begin with and I'm kinda glad because this E-meal I doubt would have satisfied me. I got all my water in today and I think that is what really helped me. I can't wait until tomorrow nights Cheeseburger Pie.

My New Game

I don't think I'm getting enough of the cardio workout that I want from my Wii Fit so I'm going to order a new game today, Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. I love my Swagbucks! I've looked at the reviews and it doesn't seem too bad. It's got a lot of boxing and just a little bit of exercises that use the wii board. I can't wait to get it! There is another Gold's Gym Dance Workout that I want too but one at a time... maybe :)