Thursday, February 10, 2011

Double Oops!

My honey got paid today and was kinda in a depressed mood so we went out. I think he gets depressed being home all the time. We agreed that we'd split a dozen oysters and treat ourselves. It's been a long time since we've had any from the oyster bar. Four days away from Valentine's we'll celebrate a little early. They were SO nice and plump.

Last night we watched Man V. Food here in Las Vegas. And as soon as we started to talk about what we needed for tonight's dinner we both thought about going to the Hot N Juicy Crawfish that we'd seen on his show. Ah wth let's try it out. We haven't been there yet and I want to be prepared for when my mother comes to visit. It was great to try a new place and enjoy some really good food that I didn't have to cook. But I'm sure it was over my calorie limit. Unfortunately I'm not even really sure where to look to find the nutrient facts for this.

Feeling guilty about my dinner and the little bit that we had exercised this morning my honey and I decided to work out. Or at least Walk It Out :) We walked for an hour but because we both were playing together it didn't break down the statistics. I'm just estimating that I burned about 300 calories.

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Brandi. said...

Try looking up the resteraunt to see if they have nutrition facts on the website. A lot of places are doing this now. But don't beat yourself up for it. You deserve a treat every now and then, and sea food is good for you!

I have a love/hate relationship with Man V. Food. I love watching it, but I hate that I do and think "I can make that" or how awesome it would be to visit that place.