Saturday, February 12, 2011

**Day 9**

I tried to do the Free Step on the Wii Fit Plus but I was being unrealistic about how much time I could really do. I put 30 minutes on the clock and only made it 10. I did 1,000 steps but unfortunately it wasn't registered since I quit early. I tried to look it up and only found 189 as the answer. Not sure if that is anywhere near right so I'll just not count them today and do 10 minutes tomorrow to see.

This is what I did so far:
  • Calories Burned- 114
  • Soccer Heading- 54pts, 163pts, 215pts
  • Perfect 10- 00:50.98, 00:50.83, 00:49.06
  • Island Cycling- 0.965 miles
  • Segway Challenge- 210pts, 251pts, 266pts
  • Rhythm Kung Fu- 510pts, 580pts, 590pts
I weighed myself first thing and I was at 250lbs and after my short work out I was down to 248.9. So I think my little slip with my diet isn't really going to hold me back too terribly. I've got all week to work it off and then some.

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