Thursday, February 3, 2011

(220 Days To Go)

Hee Hee I have to confess... I haven't started a thing. Today is actually the first day I 've even really thought about my blog. Horrible no? Anyhow I finally got my blog to load a design after fighting with it a while. I like it. So it's going on 2pm and haven't done anything but been on the computer. Sure I didn't wake up until 10am so it's only been 4 wasted hours.

Today hasn't been off to the best start is an overstatement. I'm never going to get anywhere with the way I eat. So far for breakfast I've only had a cold pork chop, a handful of chocolates, and a diet coke. Eek! I know ideally I should have at least a bowl of grits and some egg whites with a hot tea. I actually have been thinking about my diet. Last night while looking up financial information I came across a site that Dave Ramsey endorses that I thought looks pretty interesting, E-MEALZ - Menu Planning. I might have to try it and if I do I'll let you know more later on.

So I'm going to make some goals. Again.
  • No more coffee -I just overdo it with the cream and sugar. Tea gives me the same buzz and it tastes good with Splenda.
  • Water- Yep it's a must for every ones list. I have a water filter and TONS of bottled water so nothings stopping me there but myself.
  • No computer until I've worked out- Ouch! That one is going to hurt me the most.
  • Weigh in every Friday- If I'm on the wii I'll be checking my weight everyday but I'll only take into serious consideration my Friday weigh ins. And still not to put too much priority into what the scale says. I just want to lose a couple pant sizes and I'll be ecstatic.
  • Clean house- I'm kinda lazy when it comes to that and I've got a great man that picks up my slack. I really need to get up off the couch from time to time and get moving.

Alright maybe my fat butt should get up and do something. I think I'll start with getting a bottled water. I'll check in later.

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