Thursday, February 17, 2011

**Day 14**

I'm so jazzed! Today I weighed in at 247.4 another 1.1 lbs off from yesterday. Tomorrow is my weigh in for the week and I'm hoping it stays off until then. My new game Gold's Gym Cardio Workout should be arriving today and I'm super excited. I just don't feel like playing the Wii Fit anymore. Two weeks of the same thing is my limit. I still got on to weigh in and then did a couple of games that I like but I didn't really give it my all.
  • Calories Burned- 72 in 16 Minutes
  • Perfect 15- 24 Solved, 1:14.08
  • Bird's Eye Bulls Eye Adv.- 2903 yds
  • Snowball Fight- 34 hits,
  •                Adv.- 36 hits, 35 hits
  • Soccer Heading- 115 hits, 246 hits
Feeling guilty about not wanting to work out I went crazy with the Walk It Out game. I've almost collected all of the songs and all of the horoscope signs. I'm no where near finished though. I've only built up about 17% off the island.
  • 538.4 Calories
  • 14,637 Steps
  • 4.1 Miles
My poor feet ache and my thighs are twitching. I probably will do more as soon as the new game gets here.

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Brandi. said...

You are rockin' it Woman! I'm so proud of you! The Gold's Gym game is all boxing so you get a totally different type of cardio workout. But I absolutely love it! Now I'm so wishing my Wii was working. Have fun with it. :)