Friday, February 4, 2011

**Day 1**

Okay so I slept in until 10am again but I didn't get up and go straight to the computer today. My sweetheart brought me a hot tea to start and made me a pancake with a poached egg. I feel so loved! He takes such good care of me. I as waiting for my Wii Fit to give me a lecture since I haven't used it in 34 days. I actually have gained 2.2lbs since I've last used it, putting me at 251.1lbs. (44.49 BMI) I got 30 minutes of exercise in today.
This is what I did today:
152 Calories Burned:
Warrior- 91 pts
Bulls Eye-34 pts
Downward Facing Dog- 69 pts
Jackknife- 100 pts
Single Leg Twist- 68 pts
Snowball Fight- 9 hits
Perfect 10- 00:56.71
Table Tilt- 70 pts
Obstacle Course- 107 pts
Single Leg Extension- 81 pts
Advanced Step- 481 pts
Standing Knee- 95 pts
Soccer Headings- 76 pts & 61 pts
Ski Slalom- Beginner-00:37.96
Advanced- 1:17.76

Plus I did my Walk It Out game:
193.7 Calories Burned
4882 Steps
1.3 Miles
It's not bad but I didn't break a sweat. But my house is freezing today so I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with it. 

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