About Me

My name is Melissa and I'm looking to lose some major weight, about a 100lbs. I'm starting this blog with 31 weeks until my 31st Birthday and my goal is 50lbs and I'll be happy if I only lose half of that. I've been heavy my whole life and I'm fine with that to a point. I just want to ride a rollercoaster without worrying if the seat will hold me. Or go into a movie theatre and not worry if my hips are too big for the seats.

This Christmas I got a Wii and a wii fit board and I am determined to make good use of them. I've bought a couple of games and I'm looking to make a start in the right direction. I hope that maybe you'll even join me and we can keep each other motivated.

I live in Las Vegas with my wonderful husband-to-be, my grandmother and our two EXTREMELY spoiled cats.

So if you'd like to get ahold of me you can reach me at:

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