Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dish Soap Stock Up!

I was able to get almost 30 bottles of Gain dish soap this week. I was SO excited to see it on sale at Walgreens. I've been having a hard time getting my local Walmart to accept my $1.00 coupons when they are priced $.99. With Walgreen's new coupon policy they accepted my coupon even with them being on sale for $.89 Yay! for Walgreens!!

This week they also had Vick's Sinex on sale Buy 2 recieve a $5 Register Reward. After coupons and taxes I only spent $2.81 oop for 2 packages of Sinex. I turned around and used my $5 RR to purchase TP.

And while I was out shopping at SEVERAL different stores I used my coupon for $1 off Vicks product and stocked up on 20 packages of Cough Drops.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nivea Lip Product Stock Up!!!

Walgreens had an amazing special this week of Nivea Lip Products for $1. And at the same time we recieved a $1/1 coupon and $2/2 coupon from Red Plum in the mail. So I gathered up all the inserts I could from the neighbors and I placed an order with the store manager for his next shipment. Yay! I love when coupons line up so nice and easy.  To top things off there was a money maker on the Sinex products. Buy 2 recieve a $5 RR so after a $4 coupon I spent $2.81 with tax oop. I did three transactions and then used those $5 RR to buy Cottonelle and recieved a $3 RR for buying a Cottonelle TP and Cottonelle Fresh Wipes (using my free coupon that I got in the mail) I recieved a $3 RR.

I love Walgreens!!! And we just moved and have a Walgreens with in walking distance!

Thank you Wild for Wags!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Nicole's Nickels Giveaway

I've been wanting to get one of these for my grandmother since I first saw one. I figure instead of sending her a bunch of photos I'll send her her a memory card filled with new photos. It will definately help her from having to find more counter space for more picture frames. But... then again I can think of a spot in my house that this could look pretty good.

If you're interested in entering this Giveaway check out the details HERE

Nicole's Nickels Giveaway

Nicole's Nickel's is having a giveaway for a choice from 5 different perfumes. There are 7 chances to enter and her giveaway ends July 5th. So enter here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smiths: Cover Girl $.87oop, Bounty $.09 each

This week Smith's had a fun P&G sale of Buy 4 get $4 off instantly.
I bought sponges, pads, applicators, sharpeners and pencils for $2.02 each or $1.02 after the $4 off. I then used coupons for $2.50/2 to score a profit of $11.92($.92 on every group of 4) I applied that mostly towards taxes.
I got Eye Shadow for a $.16 total profit. I splurged on the nail polish which came to $.52 each.
All together I saved $220.51 with coupons and Fresh Value Savings. OOP I spent $.87!!!!!

Bounty Basic Paper Towels are $1.09 normally but with Smith's 3 Days of Doubling Coupons they were only $.09 each plus taxes. Yay!! 34 Rolls!!!

I got all my matchups for this sale from UtahDealDiva!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Giveaway at Nicoles Nickels

Nicole's Nickels is having a Mother's Day giveaway. She's offering a $43 package from Vosswinkel Cookies. I've never heard of this company before but the cookies look amazing. I would love to win these! Read about the giveaway and her review here and be sure to enter for your chance for this great Mother's Day gift.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My friend at Happy.Healthy.Homemade. is having a giveaway for a Raley's cookbook. She is also in a contest for Top Mommy Blogs, so please vote for her.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Head & Shoulders

So my coupons came on Friday and they were the wrong ones. I recieved coupons for $2/2. No refunds available but she offered me my choice of 2 others to make it up to me. Bummer

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My dream bedroom

I saw this bedset in the Macy's catalogue and I love the colors. This is my goal bedroom design for 2010. My honey even liked it. He's ready for a change from all the red I have in our home. LOL
Nice calming colors I think will be helpful for bedtime when my honey has a hard time falling asleep.

Head & Shoulders at Walgreens

My honey is just shaking his head at me and laughing. I just purchased 20 coupons from Ebay for $2.25. I had such a good experience with purchasing coupons off of Ebay when we bought 40 packages of cat treats that I thought I'd give it a second shot. Here in the Las Vegas area we recieved coupons for Head & Shoulders $2.00 off of 2 and I wanted the $2.00 off of 1 that other states recieved.
Hopefully I recieve them by Saturday if not there is another sale in 2 weeks that this will be good for. Head & Shoulders is so expensive and it's all that my honey will use so we really should stock up. 20 bottles and we can share with most all the guys I know when it comes time for making gift baskets too.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow It's Been Forever!

It's a New Year and I wanted to do something with this blog. I've learned that it's a lot of work keeping up a coupon blog when there are SO many out there. And it's just more work than I'm up for. I'm more the follower than a leader. I want to shop instead of telling everyone else how to shop. So if you'd like you can follow me and see all the great deals I get this year. I'm going to try and make this my own personal blog. Something to keep me inspired throughout the year to accomplishing some of my resolutions. This year my honey and I would like to:

  • $1,000 Emergency Fund
  • Buy Bed Frame
  • Buy a wii
  • Buy wii fit
  • I'd like to lose at least 50 lbs this year
  • We both need to make it to the dentist
  • Get Sonja caught up on her shots
  • Move into a bigger apt
  • Start saving for a 2nd car
  • I'd like to go back to work part-time
  • Save for family visits
  • See a concert
  • Get a divorce and marry my honey
  • Visit my grandmother
I think that maybe a pretty good start for our list. I've got a few little things here and there... but here's hoping! :)