Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dish Soap Stock Up!

I was able to get almost 30 bottles of Gain dish soap this week. I was SO excited to see it on sale at Walgreens. I've been having a hard time getting my local Walmart to accept my $1.00 coupons when they are priced $.99. With Walgreen's new coupon policy they accepted my coupon even with them being on sale for $.89 Yay! for Walgreens!!

This week they also had Vick's Sinex on sale Buy 2 recieve a $5 Register Reward. After coupons and taxes I only spent $2.81 oop for 2 packages of Sinex. I turned around and used my $5 RR to purchase TP.

And while I was out shopping at SEVERAL different stores I used my coupon for $1 off Vicks product and stocked up on 20 packages of Cough Drops.

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Flame said...

Okay, I am f*cking jealous of your storage! I've started collecting coupons... Can I please have that box organizer that you used to have WAY back when you were a beginner!