Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nivea Lip Product Stock Up!!!

Walgreens had an amazing special this week of Nivea Lip Products for $1. And at the same time we recieved a $1/1 coupon and $2/2 coupon from Red Plum in the mail. So I gathered up all the inserts I could from the neighbors and I placed an order with the store manager for his next shipment. Yay! I love when coupons line up so nice and easy.  To top things off there was a money maker on the Sinex products. Buy 2 recieve a $5 RR so after a $4 coupon I spent $2.81 with tax oop. I did three transactions and then used those $5 RR to buy Cottonelle and recieved a $3 RR for buying a Cottonelle TP and Cottonelle Fresh Wipes (using my free coupon that I got in the mail) I recieved a $3 RR.

I love Walgreens!!! And we just moved and have a Walgreens with in walking distance!

Thank you Wild for Wags!

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Flame said...

How about my Swagbucks for a care package?