Sunday, February 10, 2013

This is the year...

     Yikes! How many times have I started this blog and quickly forget about it again. I'm confident though that this time I'm here for the long haul. I AM MOTIVATED!!
     My husband's brother and his family are moving into the same apartment complex as us next month. My sister-in-law and I have gotten pretty close lately and she is pushing me to attend classes at the gym. She is accustomed to going to aerobics classes and was really excited to try Zumba. So I took her to the gym with me and signed her up for a 2 year membership. Now for the motivation part... she doesn't have a car... and she didn't have a credit card... Soooo... I need to drive her to the gym to make sure she feels its fair to pay me for her membership :D
     Saturday was our first Zumba class and it really kicked my butt. Actually I'm feeling it all in my calves today. I'm just relieved that I made it through the whole class. Now to make it fair to my SIL who is only interested in classes I agreed to 3 classes a week. Between getting her son to school in the morning and me getting to work at noon, we can make it to 2 morning Zumba classes and a Step class. Every other day I want to hit the weights and work on my upper body. Tuesday my SIL has an appointment to meet with a trainer and hopefully she will enjoy it and be my push to go on those days too.
    It's late tonight and I have my first Step class tomorrow, so fingers crossed, that I can stand 4.5hrs at work after taking this class.


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