Thursday, February 10, 2011


My honey and I hit a bump in our relationship Tuesday night and I went to stay with a friend. I completely wanted to swing by and pick up a pizza from Little Ceasers. I'm proud to say that I resisted temptation and went with a chicken breast sub from Subway. I'm very proud of myself!

When I went back home the next morning I completely was not in the mood to workout since I didn't get much sleep. So I snoozed all day and had a small lunch. For dinner I had my E-Mealz that I had planned for the previous night.

Mmmm Delicious!! Oven Bag Pork Tenderloin, Yellow Rice and Roasted Garlic Carrots. But again the portion of meat was so tiny. I had half of a helping extra of the rice and carrots. I didn't have breakfast so I figured I could have a little extra :)

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Teri said...

Send me that recipe. It looks YUMMY!