Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ham & Spinach Couscous

Tonights E-Meal had a 1/4 cup of ham per serving of couscous and has really left me yet again wondering where's my meat. My whole life I've been totally backwards with how much meat I should be eating. Really meat would take up about half the plate with a quarter going to potatoes and a quarter to a different vegetable. I'm really missing my meat. Even more so with tonights dish. I felt like my couscous was just a side dish instead of the main dish. Sure it was tasty and has left me what I think is satisfied. (Not really sure if it was the couscous or the water I just downed) This is my first time trying couscous and I liked it. I'm just hoping its not on the menu anytime soon again. It would do really good for my lunch though.

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