Sunday, February 6, 2011

**Day 3**

I was so happy that I was up at 8am until I stepped on the scale. 253.1 lbs. Where did that come from? That's the heaviest I've ever been. Alright, alright I had 2 fried drumsticks last night for dinner... but really I was good all day. I'm not used to waking up and jumping on the scale. Usually I eat first then workout and then weigh myself. So I decided to do a little Wii Fit first and then see what the scales had to say.
Today I did my own thing:
  • Hula Hoop 256 & 281
  • Adv. Hula Hoop 767
  • Rhythm Boxing 299 & 329
  • Basic Step 223 & 261
  • Adv. Step 527
  • Soccer Heading 113
  • Adv Soccer Heading 75
I'm completely more satisfied with the activities that I chose verses what my little scale buddy chose for me yesterday. I actually broke a sweat today and burned 207 calories. That's 62 more calories burned today
than I did yesterday. I then weighed in again and I'm back to the 250.7 lbs that I was yesterday. Crazy.

Doing my Walk It Out game I did:
  • 379.4 Calories
  • 9878 Steps
  • 2.6 Miles
I'm pretty happy with myself. I really enjoy this game. As much as I wanted to walk more yesterday I just couldn't get myself up and moving so I figured I best do all I can now.

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