Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Day of the Month- $

I have about 50 coupons for Dial Body Wash or Lotion without a size limit for $2 off. Lots of other areas have been able to find travel size body washes for $0.97 making this coupon a $1.03 money maker. Unfortunately I've ran around town since the coupon came out and every store is out of stock. I never have luck finding things in the travel department.

So being as this was the last day to use these coupons I was able to use them on the Dial Lotion priced at $1.97. I also had coupons remaining for Nozxema bikini razors $2 off the $1.97 price. While at Walmart I took advantage of price matching El Marketon's ad for oranges 8lbs/$0.99. And El Super's ad for Bar S hot dogs $0.76 matched with a coupon for $1/2. $0.16 is such a good price for hot dogs but my husband only likes Oscar Mayer so I only bought a few. I'm sure that by the end of the week I'll buy some more. I just can seem to pass that price up. And the corn nuts... well they were only $1 each and my honey had to have them. :D

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