Sunday, June 26, 2011

6/26 Shopping Trip- $29.78/ $108.11

Walgreen's started out as a major pain in the butt. My Twizzler coupons wouldn't go through as well as my Scotch tape coupons. I also had a hard time using the Carefree Walgreens coupon from the July book stacked with a manufactures coupon and had to add a piece of taffy.

Before the sale and coupons all this came up to $69.49 I paid $14.24 with taxes and recieved a $1 RR from the Twizzlers.

Smith's went a lot smoother other than I left my debit card in the car. I got the Nabisco cookies and the hot dogs for $0.50 a package.
I absolutely love BIGS Sunflower Seeds! Bacon Salt flavor is the best. They're normally $1.79 and today were $1.59. Not a huge savings but I'll take it. My total came to $15.54 with $9.54 of that being spent on just the seeds. Oops :D Before sales, store card and coupons my total was $38.62 in savings.

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