Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Magazines are Taking Over

     I can't believe how many magazines I've accumulated free each month. I was saving all the fitness ones and the crafty ones but they were taking over space. I am trying to fight the clutter in my house but I have SO much stuff stockpiled that it's a fine line between stockpiling and hoarding. I just couldn't throw them all out though. I had a really hard time with that idea so I went through every single magazine and ripped out all the recipes that I liked and articles I wanted to spend more time reading, or anything with a website I want to check out.
     I got a mini laundry basket filled and I just have the Shape & Weight Watchers magazine left to sort. I got burnt out so I'm calling it quits for a bit. I put an ad on Craigslist thinking that there's a teacher or someone that could use these for making collages or something and I got a mother that is homeschooling her kids that will use them for that purpose.
     Now I just need to organize all those cut out pages. Ahh the cycle never stops but at least the clutter is majorly cut down in size.


Teri said...

Dude, send me a care package and line it with magazines!!!! No joke, I'll give u an amazon card for postage.

PrewChatterly said...

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Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Wow, great collection of magazines. The only one's that I keep now days are Living by Martha S. and some special editions from Times and Halloween. I bought several magazine holders from Ikea and they are stored on the hall closet.

Thanks for the comment and believe me, if you are able, a bidet will change your life :)