Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Memories: Rememberance Challenge

     My Memories is the new digital scrapbooking software that I've become addicted to. Every Wednesday on their blog they have a theme for a scrapbooking challenge and this week with 9/11 approaching they fittingly have a challenge of Remembrance for a loved one that has passed away.
     My page is of my amazing grandfather whom I miss dearly. My grandfather lived a very full life into his 90's... Wow, it's tough to write about him. I have SO many great memories growing up in my grandparents household. I can remember my grandma getting upset with me and I'd run to my grandpa who would protect me from being punished and he'd just hold me in his arms. I remember stretching out on the sofa watching TV with my head in his lap and my grandma always saying how she'd end up with my feet.... I miss you grandpa! 
I can't find where the word art is from and I'm assuming it was with the program.

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Emily said...

What a beautiful layout, and truly a good way to tribute your grandpa!
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