Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Retail Therapy

     Today was my honey's day off and being the GREAT guy that he is he took me out shopping. Does this guy get me or what?
     We hit all the great stores today!  At Ross I picked up some great big coffee cups, they're twice the size of the ones I have now. And red to match Juan's rooster theme he wants for our kitchen *insert eye roll* LOL
Also at Ross my honey spotted the Biggest Loser Glass Nutritional Scale for only $13.99!! (This is on Amazon for $48) I've trained my honey well to spot a deal. I've about worn out the small $5 scale I got from Walmart. This is the neatest scale. It will measure your food and then tell you how many calories, fat and other nutrient values are in this food.

At T.J. Maxx we scored a great deal on salt and pepper grinder for $8. We just returned our last pepper grinder to Kohls after only lasting 3 weeks. I'm hoping these will be a little more durable for 1/2 the price of our last.

Last but not least was Burlington Coat Factory I picked up a shower curtain and shoe organizer, but more on those purchases in another post.

All in all it was a pretty good day out but then again any day out shopping is usually a good time.

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