Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Bathroom

     In my search for inspiration to perfect the inner domestic goddess in me (hee hee) I follow a lot of blogs that share ideas for organizing and decluttering your home, one of my favorites is Organizing Junkie. Last week she had a post, Finding a System, that just made me so excited to implement myself. She contained her bathroom beauty products with a shoe organizer. Yeah I know! Genius right? 
     After reading this I searched online to order one but just wasn't ready to commit... I kind of wanted it NOW and didn't want to pay extra for the delivery. So yesterday that my honey wanted to take me shopping I was on the look out for this shoe organizer.
     Burlington's Coat Factory sent me a coupon for $10 off of $20 or more so that was our first stop. The store around the corner had a really pretty blue floral print one for $6 and I was happy. I also wanted to pick up a shower curtain because my bathroom was looking pretty plain. I just bought new towels a few weeks ago from JCPenny's and changed the color theme. And I found a curtain that I just had to have, it was SO different from the others... but it was out of stock.
     My sweetheart was TOTALLY awesome and was up for trying another Burlington's in Southern Vegas. And... they were out of stock there too. So I bought a different style and pouted a little. They also didn't have the shoe organizer I wanted in blue but they had a clear one that I bought.
   So what does this amazing man of mine say to me? "Let's try another store" Yep I'm going to marry this man that gets me so well. So off to the store in the West side of Las Vegas. Strike three. Determined not to leave without a resolution I spoke to the store manager and bought the floor model. Best part is that I got it for $4.99. SCORE! And the day just got better by going to 2 other stores that I posted about earlier.

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