Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free Sunglasses at the Mall

Charlette Russe

Pick up a pair of free sunglasses while your at the mall. Stop by Charlotte Russe with a print out of the homepage of For the details on these FREE sunglasses. One per person and offer ends June 8th.

I'm on my way now to try it out. One for me and one for my honey (which will be mine too :)

Updated: I went in and had a crappy experience. The cashier was really rude and argued with me over accepting a printout of the homepage of Seventeen. I had her call her manager and she was even more annoyed with me. She rang up a pair of glasses and just threw on the counter. Are they me?
Are they me? I didn't think so. I didn't try and get a second pair.

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Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

Oh my goodness. that is too funny! I can't wait to see what they throw at me!