Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eek! It's been over a month!

Today is day 63 and I'm sad to say that I haven't blogged in over a month. I've missed it a lot, it keeps me accountable. Without my blogging I haven't been eating like I should. And I definitely have not been working out like I used to. I feel like I've been on a roller coaster with all the ups and downs with my weight loss.

The end of February I started my period and it had really thrown me off. I wasn't in the mood to work out, I was completely being a baby.

In March, I took the dog to the park and went for a mile walk a few times a week. I haven't touched the wii for anything more than weighing myself in the mornings. My diet kind of took a hit when our income decreased. I wasn't able to buy everything I needed for my E-Mealz and had to improvise.

My family came down for a visit at the end of March and I was down to 243.2 lbs., my lowest weight so far. Unfortunately mother nature stopped by for her monthly visit too. I tried to make good decisions when going out to the restaurants but I slipped up and the scale reflected that. In one week I gained back almost 5 lbs. Ouch ='(

So here we are now in April and I'm feeling motivated again. Tomorrow is my weigh in for the week and I'm feeling pretty hopeful. Last Friday I weighed 248 and have been steadily losing everyday until today which I had a slight gain. I'm hoping for 2 lbs but I'll be happy with whatever I can get.

I don't have my water pitcher any more and really need to purchase another one this payday. I've been feeling kind of dehydrated and really hate dipping into my emergency stock of bottled water. I've tried drinking lots of milk and apple juice but I miss my nice water bottle.

Today I got my new E-Mealz menu for the week and I'm really excited to get back on track with making my dinners and taking pictures. I'm kinda hesitant about doing my workouts again. With so much time off I know that they are really going to kick my butt.

Oh well... until tomorrow!

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