Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When you first sign-up for ebates you get a $5 bonus, just for signing up. When you refer a friend, you get an additional $5, per friend, when they make a purchase through ebates. Right now though, you get your referral bonus DOUBLED for every three people you refer. So, for every three people you refer, you get $30 (after they make a purchase), instead of the usual $15.

And let me tell you about a really great way to make a purchase and get something for almost free. You can get $10 off of $10 at JCPenney right now. So, once you've signed up for ebates, click on the JCPenney link and find something that's $10. Then use the code GR8DAD and get $10 off. You only pay for shipping.

Sign-up under me and help me get $30 On your ebates page you'll see a place that's called Tell A Friend, that's where you click to get your personal link or to email people about this deal. Use this to tell everyone you know and earn $30 for yourself.

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